Professional Administrative Resouces


association & organization management

Though specific associations differ in their focus, mission and vision, the management of every association has many similarities.

support services

  • Event and Conference Management
  • Board of Director Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Membership Services
  • Database Development / Maintenance
  • Communications
  • Volunteer Acquisition
  • Cross-Organization Liaison
  • Executive Director
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Social Media Support

Through working with such organizations for over two decades, PAR understands that. So we provide that effectiveness and productivity through services that specifically address the distinct needs of each individual client. And we staff to those needs accordingly. PAR brings wide-ranging experience in helping associations and their Board of Directors, volunteers and members with expertise, innovative ideas and the consistency from year-to-year to sustain an organization for the long term.


Today PAR serves a diverse group of nonprofit organizations, industry associations and issue/opportunity groups with an equally wide array of custom-designed services. Often, however, the most important service provided by PAR is neither specifically offered nor paid for. Rather, it's how PAR helps balance new concepts and ideas from organizations characterized by regular changes in leadership, while still promoting the timeless core attributes that make such enterprises viable and valued. For those clients, we've had plenty of practice in being the consistent, dependable, "go to" resource. And for meeting the needs of today's associations and organizations, practice makes perfect.


PAR's Practiced Balance